Makeup of May (Collective Haul)

I thought I should dedicate a post about makeup of the month that I bought. So I am! I’m excited to share my thoughts to everyone about the products I bought and if I would repurchase or recommend anything. Oh and don’t worry, there’s cheap stuff here too!

So, I bought the Morphe Bronzed Mocha and Copper Spice palettes and I am not going to go into much detail because that would ruin the purpose of one of my future posts. Also, that is why there are no pictures of them.

Next I took a trip to Ulta to grab a few things: Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray, and two L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Sticks.

Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer $25

I purchased the shade fair and honestly, I had never thought I would say I got something that might be too light for me—liquid makeup speaking. I am still getting used to using concealer because I was not one to use it ever, but I definitely make it work and blend it out. It is also something that I do not need a heavy hand for. I would repurchase this unless I find a better concealer out on the market.

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $15 

This was a repurchase or this fabulous product. However this one smells weird. I am not sure if I got a dud or what. I mean I have not broken out from it and neither have my friends that I have noticed from doing their prom makeup. The smell only lasts a little bit, but it is not a pleasant smell. Other than the smell, it is a great product. The one I had before did not smell and maybe I am just crazy—kidding.

L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Sticks $5.99/Piece

Okay these are no joke. The highlighter blows my mind away and takes my highlight up to a whole new level. The bronzer is just as great. I have never cream contoured before and these are great to use and blend easily—however not the best blend. There is just enough pigment, but it will dry if you do not do it one area at a time. After everything, it feels like skin, not sticky makeup. I would most likely repurchase this for my personal use, but not necessarily to do someone else’s makeup.


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