Sand Cloud Ambassador

You have probably seen the ads on Instagram and Twitter and such, but Sand Cloud is becoming such a popular thing!

(Above is not my picture; I retrieved this off the Sand Cloud website)

I have stepped up to become an ambassador to help out something I am very passionate for. Marine life is such a beautiful part of Earth and it means a lot. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by fish and sharks. More specifically, brightly colored fish (thanks to Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo) and great white sharks (thanks to the Jaws movies).

Persuing a career in marine biology is not something I want to persue in the future, but to help the existing marine biologists and the organizations out there is something I plan to do and encourage.

Sand Cloud is selling towels and other beautiful things on their website and I have included some screen shots off of my phone to give you the idea.

This is only some of a lot Sand Cloud has to offer, so go visit the website (Click here to visit) to see more!

Also, 10% of your order is donated to the organizations Sand Cloud supports such as the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, the Marine Conservation Institute, and many more.

Please help out and buy a fancy new towel for the cute little fish in our oceans! I know it does not appear cheap, but I have a little gift to help save you guys money.

If you use the discount code: MadisonOve25 you can save 25% off your order.

It means a lot to me if we all come together and help our marine life. We have so much yet to learn from the great seas, but yet the wildlife is depleting due to us. It is the least we can do, and plus you can get very cute merchandise out of your support.

Leave a comment if you have purchased from Sand Cloud previously and what you got!


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