School is Out for the Summer

Here is to the long nights, staying up late catching up on Netflix shows and YouTube videos. Summer trips are in the future, as well as my inevitable sunburn from swimming all day. I am so excited and a week late, or so, in writing this post.

I have done so much in a week already and I have two more weeks left until my big road trip from Pennsylvania to Arizona with my best friend and my family.

​So, I totally ditched school on the last day—there was no point in going for two and a half hours. I also ended up going shopping with two of my best friends and got my aunt her birthday/graduation gift and a bathing suit for me. I also stopped in at the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale to get a little treat for myself.

Now as I am writing this post I am thinking about doing a huge June haul, any thoughts?

The next day I went to the beach with my friends. It was such a great day and I definitely tried new things. That new bathing suit I got, it was a bikini which I have never worn in my entire life. I felt so good about wearing it and felt positive. We took a ferry from Delaware to New Jersey which was also another first for me.

We went to the Wildwood Boardwalk which was another first for me (lot’s of firsts!) and I bought a nice long sleeve since it was getting cold out. We walked all the way down the boardwalk to get chips on sticks and Polish water ice. Finally, the best highlight on that boardwalk was being put in giant hamster ball and running around the beach (photo below).

It was such a nice trip. I am so thankful that I got to go and that my friend’s mom is one of my many other moms. I did get sunburn and as I am writing this, it is peeling which is totally gross.

I am still super excited about becoming a Sand Cloud ambassador. If you want to read more about what that is all about, see my previous post. Plus, there is a 25% off promo code somewhere on that post.

I did a little bit more shopping, but I will save all of that for a post that will come a little late in July after my trip out to Arizona. Hopefully one of the days out there, my friend will help out with that post and take some pictures for me, fingers crossed.

Wrapping things up, are there any big, fun summer plans in your future or favorite things about it? Let me know in the comments, thanks for reading!


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