Summer Morning Digest

As I sit outside with my dogs for, maybe, the last time, I am enjoying the cool weather of the morning. I will not know what cold will feel like for a long time after I move to Arizona. I will not get to sit outside and enjoy the breeze in the trees.

I can, however, enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Iced or warm, coffee is always available. Coffee is like a support system for me when I wake up drowsy from allergies, or if I eat bad the previous day and I feel gross. Coffee is just that cleanser for me to get back on track. Yesterday was eventful. I was cleaning my room even more than before (it was already clean). I reorganized everything. I put all of my cactus and succulent plants into a bowl instead of separate boxes to save room. It looks nice now and is definitely a space saver.

I actually have office supplies on my desk now. Of course the drawer still has clutter in it, but I did my best to make everything presentable on the outside. Since I will not be here, I will not know who will be charging through my room looking for a pencil or highlighter, so it is easier to keep them out of the drawer.

I put my favorite childhood movies out, stacked next to my Xbox so it would be better to look at than just a white wall. As for my clothes in the dresser below, I plan on organizing them today so when I come visit, they will not be messy and wrinkly. 

I made my bed and put clean sheets on it. My side table is organized now, as well. The bottom drawer is empty and the top drawer is put together nicely.

Now for packing. I went through everything I packed a couple of days ago, which led me to organizing my room. I just did not want to take all of my clothes with me to Arizona. I did not feel like it was necessary. When I fly back to visit, I really hate bringing clothes, which take up a lot of room, in my carry-on bag. I also went through my books and took out the ones I know for certain I will not read because 1. I have already read them and/or 2. I do not plan on (re)reading them. That box is still super heavy, but it weighs maybe five pounds less. As for everything else, I packed my makeup away and my computer and such.

This move has been so super stressful on me, but at the end of the day I am super excited. All my life I know what Pennsylvania winters are like and how awfully humid it can get in the summer. Arizona probably does not know what a blizzard is, or hurricane weather. Arizona knows dry heat and monsoons. It knows clear skies 98% of the time and I am about learn how to enjoy it the rest of my high school career.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! 


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