Summer Road Trip

I think I am officially settled down from driving from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Four days everyone, it took four days. However, we made it and so did all of my stuff, thankfully.

We did not do much sight seeing until we got closer out West, however we did a little quick drive through St. Louis, Missouri.

Even though we did not stop, it felt like a refreshing new view other than lots of trees and farmland.

To keep busy in the car, I started rereading the After series by Anna Todd. To this point in time, I am on the second book. My best friend wanted to read the first book, so now she is reading it (and she is not one to read).We also played a little bit of Nintendo DS games and did some activities out of a road activity book.

So it was a little bit until our next stop, Four Corners. (I am on the left and my best friend is on the right in the picture below.)

Four Corners is where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado all touch and you can stand in four states at a time. It is a totally cool place to visit if you are in any of those states. However, Four Corners is in the middle on nowhere, so it is a drive to get there. Also, when you get there, there is a line to get your pictures done, so bring water and sun glasses.

Next stop: Monument Valley. Monument Valley was absolutely mind blowing and so much fun. It is off-roading in a desert valley in Utah and you get to look at the large mesas and get out to take pictures.

 If you are a city person, get out of the car and just listen to… NOTHING. It was dead silent and it was weird but also an experience everyone should endure. Complete silence exists and it is in the middle of nowhere!

After that, we went to the Grand Canyon.

I was here before, but I did not care as much as I did this time. Now that I am much older than the last time I visited, I did take pictures and had fun as the sun was setting in the canyon. I loved my time here and hope to visit once I get my licence out here in Arizona.

And Finally, our last stop was home. My new home, not my summer home. I was so glad to sleep in my own bed instead of a hotel bed. I enjoyed the road trip, and I think I would do something like that again, but not the same area. I would enjoy it much more going up North and seeing monuments and national parks.

I would like to thank you for coming by and reading about my journey across the country. Any huge summer plans for you? Let me know! Talk to everyone later.


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