Back to School (Update)

No not a haul, but a brief warning. School is approaching me fast, especially since I changed schools. I am currently pre-writing blog posts to keep the blog flow going once school starts. I am doing so well with continuing to write on here instead of going on a three month hiatus. I am not going M.I.A. this time. I am so very determined to keep posting throughout the school year.

Also, sorry for the lack of posting for the past couple of weeks or so. I have been doing some personal writing and getting involved on other fun websites (you will find out sooner or later). Also I started journaling a bit, which is time well spent and away from technology. The journaling is helping me to be reminded that this is still here and needs love and attention.

Going back to the whole school starting subject. I am hoping to get the harder classes I want to challenge myself when I get to go schedule them on my orientation day. With harder classes comes a harder work load. I hope things do go my way cause it would be amazing to see me come out strong from my junior year.

As for everyone else starting a year at school or a new job, best of luck to you. Just remember to breathe and write down all the pros as you think about them. For me, my list is this: more students who care about school, no drama at this school (personally), new friend opportunities, amazing classes (there is a yoga program and I am totally going to try and get that on my schedule), healthier living being out here, and so on.

Everything is going to be alright.


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