Tip Top Summer

I thought I would do a favorites for the summer on the following: Netflix, YouTube, makeup, apps, music, and snack. I wanted to share what I have been loving this summer and what I have gotten into. I have definitely branched out into new territory, personally, and I am kind of amazed.


Grey’s Anatomy- I have been watching Grey’s all summer and I am sad that I am almost finished it. It is something I can put on to be distracted from the time passing or something to have on in the background. I am so attached to the characters that even if I miss something, I can quickly catch on to what happened. If you do not like death to your favorite characters, I do not recommend.


Madison Miller- She is a beauty guru and she is fairly new to watch. I have been subscribed to her for maybe a year, but I have not actually watched her videos a lot until recently. I do love her channel and would say to anyone looking for someone new to watch, check her out.


e.l.f.’s Mineral Infused Mascara I have recently been loving this mascara this summer. I do not like wearing a lot of makeup if I do not have too, so usually I stick to mascara and brows. It is a wet formula and very similar to Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. It is also a great, cheap alternative.


BAND- This app is sort of like Pinterest, but more interactive. You create a “band” about anything and invite people too it. Of course bands can be public and anyone can join. Within the band, you can share anything to it such as: photos, links, updates, etc. So it something I really enjoy and hope it becomes more popular in the future.


Shout Out to My Ex by Little Mix- This song has been out for a while now, but just recently I have been getting into it. I used to hate Little Mix and I have no idea why. I just really love this song. It is expressing how I feel right now because I can officially move on from my ex and all the burdens he brought to me.


Peaches- I have fallen back in love with peaches this summer. I love how sweet and juicy they are. It is refreshing and a healthier alternative to goldfish or cheez-its.

Those are my summer favorites and little extra blogging for this week. I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did for my short two months of it.


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