Huge Summer Haul

This post is a long one, so hang in there. This is one giant haul for everything I got in June and July because those were my only summer vacation months. So without further ado, I give you my huge summer haul.


The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Lucky me, I got my hands on the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe the first time around. I have not even touched a shadow yet and it is still in its packaging. I am nuts I know, but I just wanna save it for a little while. It is my baby basically.

Formula 10.0.6’s Best Face Forward & One Smooth Operator

I got some skincare products from Ulta. The first time I tried these products from Formula 10.0.6, I was amazed. They were super affordable and made my skin feel amazing, so I think I will be purchasing more from their line.

Victoria’s Secret Minty Tint

I only got this lip gloss because I wanted the tassel to be completely honest. I personally do not like this lip gloss because it tastes like bad cough medicine. So, I am not a fan.

M.A.C. Cream D’NudeIMG_20170729_153712.jpg

This is such a fabulous nude lipstick and I am glad I got it. The M.A.C. store I went to on National Lipstick day was out of free lipsticks, but I still had to have one, so I chose this beauty out.


Victoria’s Secret Part 1

Let me just say, I love my mother. She bought all of this for me during the semi-annual sale. I have not worn everything yet; I had a visit from a certain force of nature, so I did not want ruin anything new. As for the clothes, I did wear them and of course, they are super comfy.

Victoria’s Secret Part 2DSC_0001_1So my mom got me more panties from a panty party for the angel card holders, which is very kind of her, but my drawer has a million pairs by now, and I think I will be good on underwear for the next two years—some that I did not share are in their packaging. Also speaking of an Angel Card holder, I am a new one! Super excited for the perks.
Bathing Suit

Alright, from a previous post I mentioned that I got this. This bathing suit is from Gabe’s (which is unfortunately on the East side of the U.S.). Gabe’s is like a T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s and my best friend works there, so that is why I got this bathing suit here.


I got new, cute shoes for the summer that are quickly becoming dirty. I also got a Vans Philly shirt so I have a little piece of home in Arizona. I almost stained the white part of the shirt the first time I wore it, which would be my luck anyways. I am thankful that whatever I was eating that day did not stain that shirt because it is something different in my closet.



I got these rings at Four Corners and the Grand Canyon. Once again, thanking my mom for buying them for me because I had no spending money. The one in the middle is blue opal and the other two are handmade Navajo rings. Those ones are made out of real turquoise and coral.

After We Fell

I had to get this book because I am about finished After We Collided by Anna Todd. The After series is one of my favorites, right behind the Harry Potter series of course. I am a sucker for a romance novel therefore, I am grateful that this is a series because I hate moving on to new characters.

Pop SocketIMG_20170729_132120.jpg

I finally got a pop socket. It seems like everyone has one and now I do. I am in love with the whale tail design, but it does not match my phone case. I might just have to buy a new case in the future!

So everyone, that is my very long haul. I did get some things that are not here, I just did not feel to post them (because I am super lazy or they are in a different post). I hope you enjoyed this. Leave a comment on your favorite thing you got this summer, I wanna know! Thanks for stopping by and taking a read.


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