First Day (Haul & Update)

So remember a couple of posts back when I said school was coming? Yeah it is here.

These were my thoughts on school before hand:

School here is going to be different. It will not be full of kids who lie and do not care about learning. There are more interesting classes that I can do and it will be fun. I am anxious, so super anxious. Will I make friends? I am so introverted. Maybe that can change here, but probably not. I just hope I am not eaten alive, but I am an upperclassmen. I should be fine, right? I do not know. I just hope everything goes well. All I can do is hope, right?

This is how my first day went as the “new girl:”

It was a little nerve-wracking the first couple minutes of arriving at the school. I was not completely sure where to go and it was crowded, but I followed the crowd everywhere I went. I think my favorite classes are going to be photography, forensics, and american government/politics. I loved the discussions in those classes all above my other three classes. The only class I really think I will loathe is basically trigonometry (the school doesn’t even call it that). I had a seat mix-up in chemistry which was a little awkward, but you live and you learn. The rest of the day was just fine. The boys in my classes are terrible, and the girls show a lot of skin. I guess dress code is not really enforced as much as it was at my old school. I walked to Starbucks at the end of the day and grabbed a tall Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte. My day was successful and first impressions on the teachers and some students were good for the most part. I am beginning to like the change.

Along with my first day experience, I thought I would do the lovely favor of showing you my back to school haul. Now all of my friends in Pennsylvania do not start school until later this month, so I am basically making their shopping list for them (you are welcome).

Also quick disclaimer: I typed the haul bit of this post before hand, that is the reason behind the new looking stuff.


Love these notebooks so, so much. The royal purple notebook is graph paper and I also got a dot journal to keep track of life, basically. I also got a 6-pack of pastel notebooks. I got these from Amazon, which is my new favorite shopping website now!


I had to get super cute colors to write in my bullet journal with! Plus the essentials: pencils and highlighters. I also got sticky notes to mark my spot or important things in my books or other work. Then I got larger sticky notes to write questions, remarks, etc. down in books. I got these items on Amazon as well.


Okay, that pencil bag is so adorable and holds a million things in it despite its size. I got it from amazon. The lunch bag may look flat and small, but it holds a lot (basically what Jansport is known for). I love the lunch bag even if it does not go with my backpack. I am not showing my backpack only because it is not new and apart of this haul.


The boring-ish stuff. A binder, filler paper, binder dividers, and folders. They are all from Amazon also.

So that is it for my haul and back to school experience. I know a lot of schools have not gone back into session, but it is back to school shopping season. Hopefully this haul has interested you. Thank you for reading!

P.S. Those new shoes you potentially got are probably going to give you blisters, I suggest buying some band-aids or moleskin!

P.P.S. This totally went up a day late, my bad.


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